A common thread in all of Sandra Lakićević’s works is the perpetual conflict of individual and collective, intimate and public, remembered and forgotten, written and erased. This is perhaps best reflected in the act of erasing as an ever-recurring element in her practice. By erasing the narratives that once were, she investigates to what extent our memories and past narratives form our present perception, as well as our perception of the present. From printed matter to performance to video installations, her creative method is often defined by repetition which is meant to emphasize the internal and subjective notion of time.

Lately, she has been investigating the symbiotic relationship between architecture and memory, where she reflects on architectural changes introduced to buildings over time (such as partitioned windows and doors, altered exteriors or interiors, repaired facades or floors, and other physical deviations from the original design).

Her approach involves meticulously mapping and documenting these architectural modifications and repairs. These records, in the form of drawings and photographs, serve as blueprints for her time- dedicated works created out of a seemly endless accumulation of hand-torn images from her personal archive. These spatial and temporal complexities help her to formulate new relationships between space, time and individual and collective memory.

Sandra Lakićević (1990, Kraljevo, Serbia) lives and works in Brussels. She received her bachelor’s and master’s in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2015. She continued her education in Belgium where she obtained her second master’s in visual arts from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in 2019. In addition to numerous group shows and residencies, she has had seven solo shows in Brussels, Leuven, Belgrade, Pančevo, Vrnjačka Banja and Majdanpek. In 2020 she was one of the finalists of the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award (the Young Visual Artist Awards program – YVAA).


UPCOMING | 2023-2024

- Anachronisms, The Green Corridor, Brussels, Belgium

- A Narrative against Narrative, Savremena galerija Subotica, Subotica, Serbia


- A Narrative against Narrative, Stelplaats, Leuven, Belgium


- Marks, Gaps and Windows, Heritage Museum - Belimarković Castle, Vrnjačka Banja Cultural Center, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia


- Talking Fibres, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia


- The Measure of Change, Ravenstein Gallery 17-19, Brussels, Belgium

- Anisotropy, Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade, Serbia


- Documents, Cultural Center of Pančevo, Pančevo, Serbia

- Documents, Center for Culture Majdanpek, Majdanpek, Serbia



- Sandbox Performance Festival, MŰTŐ at Bakáts Bunker, Budapest, Hungary


- The measure of change, BXL makers, Ravenstein gallery 17-19, Brussels, Belgium

- Lag (Nacht), Stelplaats, Leuven, Belgium

- Lag, Terrarium (Campus St. Lucas) , Brussels, Belgium



- The Green Corridor, Brussels, Belgium

- Level Five, Brussels, Belgium

- "Sopocanska vidjenja" art colony, Novi Pazar Cultural Center, Novi Pazar, Serbia


- STELPLAATS, Leuven, Belgium



- Finalist Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award 2020, Young Visual Artists Awards YVAA, Belgrade, Serbia


- Emerging Artist Award, Gallery of the Ribnica Cultural Center, Kraljevo, Serbia



- Papier & Klang by Haus des Papiers Festival, Berlin, Germany


- Language in common, The Youth Biennial, Belgrade, Serbia

- Salon Sale, Level Five, Brussels, Belgium


- Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award 2020 Finalists' exhibition, Remont Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


- Speed dating, Terrarium (Campus St. Lucas), Brussels, Belgium

- 10146 intentos de devolver la mirada, Cali, Colombia

- Graduation show 2019, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, Belgium


- 4th 'Enter into Art' International Installations, Kobern-Gondorf Town Hall Foyer, Kobern-Gondorf, Germany

- 4th 'Enter into Art' International Installations, Weißenthurm Town Hall Foyer, Weißenthurm, Germany

- 4th 'Enter into Art' International Installations, Cultural Center Cologne-Mülheim, Cologne, German


- Vrnjci Art Circle, Heritage Museum - Belimarkovic Castle,  Vrnjačka Banja Cultural Center, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

- Annual Exhibition of Young Artistic Creators, Gallery of the Ribnica Cultural Center, Kraljevo, Serbia

- Female Painters, Center for Culture Majdanpek, Majdanpek, Serbia

- MiniFORMArt 2017, Night Gallery Petak, Belgrade, Serbia


- A Buncha Book Artists: Overbooked, Harry Wood Gallery, School of Art, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University, USA

- The Beginning at the End, 2nd year master's students drawing exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia


- Artist's book, Faculty of Fine Arts & Faculty of Architecture, professor and student exhibition, Izlozi Gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia


- Students of Fine Arts exhibition, UHCL Art Gallery, University of Houston – Clear Lake, USA

- MINI EXPO, Small Format Exhibition, Delta City, Belgrade, Serbia

- Students of the University of Arts in Belgrade exhibition, Festum, Student Cultural Centre, Belgrade, Serbia