A Book without a Title was created out of my personal, intimate and family archive of photographs and letters, translated into the form of a graphic sheet, hence transforming the intimistic context of an autobiographical story into a critical position towards the present. The book is a yarn of interlocked archives of present and recent past (the year 1999 in a war-torn Serbia). Photographs, drawings, letters and pieces of selected works of literature are all intertwined, building a new reading material with an ironic and humorous context.

The book was printed in nine copies, each containing nine lithographs and nine empty sheets with space between them left for thought, i.e. the reader’s/observer’s own critical position towards each.

While putting the book together, I went through a process of questioning myself, so the book can also be seen as a self-study. On the other hand, each of the pages can also be read separately, and is connected to the common social questions. This entire work is in perpetual conflict of private and public, personal and universal, past and present.</blockquote>