Talking fibres is an ongoing series of works created by an endless accumulation of photographs from a personal, intimate archive. The concept of the works is aimed at understanding the relationship between personal and collective image-making, as well as the dialectic of present and remembered time. Time, here, refers not only to the gap between the moment of the creation of the photograph and the moment of its manipulation, but also to the long-lasting process defined by repetition. A hybrid creative process involving printing, deconstruction, and manipulation of these photographs fluctuates between fast and slow, digital and manual phases.The photographs were made by fast ink-jet printing in sequence, without any aesthetic selection. The printed photographs were then torn by hand, the torn pieces being stacked while respecting the sequence the photographs were printed in. The torn photographs were viewed as a raw material from which new forms and structures were created by further manipulation and accumulation.

The almost mechanical stamping of new visual content is opposed by the skillfulness of articulating the old, whereas the linear flow is opposed by cyclicity. Homogeneous accuracy and witnessing the moment is opposed by fragmented possibilities. The photograph can thus no longer testify to anything; however, it does possess aunique quality – it is able to weave threads and time and again tell a story from scratch.
— Excerpt from Talking fibres exhibition text
Teodora Jeremić